Mod List

TGA Pack has over 100 mods, it is a big modpack with everything from magic to advanced machines. We are focusing on fun, and we are trying to make a modpack suitable for everyone!


Discord is an application where you can chat and talk with the developers and users of TGA Pack. All updates will also be posted on Discord. If you play TGA Pack, we'd really love it if you would join, give us feedback, and help us improve the modpack.


TGA Pack is powered by ThGoldApple, a Norwegian Minecraft server. TheGoldApple has been running since March 2016, with mostly Norwegian players and staff. The owners of TheGoldApple, in-game called godgutten and rutihfrutti decided to make a modpack out of it. TGA is then short for TheGoldApple.



Hi! I'm godgutten, the founder of TGA Pack and TheGoldApple. My real name is William, and I'm 15 years old. I like to play Minecraft, and other games. I've played Minecraft since the age of 8, and always wanted to create something by myself. That's how TheGoldApple and TGA Pack came to life.


Hi! I'm rutihfrutti, one of the developers of TGA Pack. My real name is Ruth-Helene, I'm 18 years old and a girl gamer. I've played Minecraft since I was 12, and started real gaming at the age of 15. I currently study IT, and hope to be done in 2 years time.