TGA Pack is a Minecraft modpack, aiming for fun, just fun. We have tried to include mods from many different genres, to give unlimited options and goals for you and your friends to accomplish. To play TGA Pack, you need to have downloaded Technic Pack, which you can download here.
Keep in mind, weak computers and laptops may not be strong enough to run TGA Pack. We can only suggest you to allocate more memory to Technic Pack. A simple tutorial is found here.

There are over 100 mods in TGA Pack, which means there's a lot to cover. Our beta testers always tell us their opinions on new updates and suggestions for mods to add, or remove. We always add a download link to the mods we are using, found in the mod list.

We have set up a Discord for all players to join. You can ask all kinds of questions, and chat with the developers and staff! The Discord channel is also made to make it easier to find people actively playing TGA Pack. You are always welcome to join!

You have maybe seen 'Powered by TheGoldApple' a few times by now on the website. This is because the developers, godgutten and rutihfrutti are the owners of a Minecraft server called TheGoldApple. TheGoldApple is a Norwegian Minecraft server, which opened in March 2016. The server is all about survival, and has an official website and Discord server as well. 

Do you have any suggestions for mods to add, or other questions? Feel free to contact us here!